University Of Mobile Implements New Career Development Program

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Katie Allred didn’t wait until her senior year in college to begin job hunting.

Describing herself as a “self-starter,” Allred began sending emails and résumés to potential employers her sophomore year at the University of Mobile.

After graduating this past spring with a 4.0 grade point average, she landed a job as network and web applications coordinator at her alma mater.

Allred said starting the job search early gave her an advantage over other students who were waiting until their later years in college to find a job. Because she was so involved early on in contacting companies, she ended up with four job offers and was able to choose the job she really wanted.

“Other people were preoccupied with classes and not thinking about the future,” said Allred.

The university hopes to change that attitude on campus, and as a result, the school has developed a career program for students from the time they enter the school until they graduate.

An alumni survey conducted by the university in the fall of 2011, which covered a six-year period, showed that 65 percent of the respondents indicated they had accepted full-time employment upon graduation, according to Kathy Dean, the university’s spokeswoman.

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