University Of Michigan Students Interrupt Biology Lecture With Elaborate Fake Musical Wedding

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In October, a group of 54 students staged an elaborate fake wedding, a musical prank they decided to act out in the middle of a biology lecture led by U-M lecturer Barry O'Connor.

The prank included eight cameras, 2,000 rose petals and a lot of fake mustaches, according to Nathan Hartmann, a U-M engineering major and the video's director. So what inspires such a gag?

"We do it primarily just for the heck of it," Hartmann said in an interview. The idea for the video came from "a running joke" about two of Hartmann's friends getting married, even though the pair aren't romantically interested in one another, says Hartmann.

"It just kind of spiraled from there," says Hartmann. "And it was like 'How do we keep making it more and more over the top?' "

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