University of Michigan president warns against 2nd round of sequester

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The federal shutdown might be over, but officials at the University of Michigan are bracing for the next round of across-the-board spending cuts that, if enacted, could affect millions in research funding at the Ann Arbor school.

"The whole sequester issue has sort of faded into the background as though it didn't matter and in fact the sequester, we believe, is the biggest threat that the faculty face," University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman said. "I tell you this not to be alarmist or dismal or anything else. I tell you this because in the next six to eight weeks we feel like something really needs to be done in Congress."

Congress reached a deal to end the partial government shutdown, which lasted more than two weeks, earlier this month, yet lawmakers haven't tackled a solution to the next round of sequestration, which is set to go into effect January 15.

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