University Of Michigan Pays $100 Incentives To Employees In Wellness Programs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
For the fifth year in a row, the University of Michigan will be giving $100 to each of its employees enrolled in its health care benefits who participate in online wellness programs -- a measure U-M says has proven to be worthwhile thus far. The requirements to receive the incentives this year are two fold and each worth $50: Employees must complete a 20-minute online survey on their health, and participate in another eligible activity. The incentives top at $100 pre-taxes and are included in an employee's paycheck. U-M did a three-year internal evaluation of the program’s success after 2011, and reported that faculty and staff participating in the incentives program had lower health care costs, on average, and a lower rate of absenteeism at work by a small margin. “We’re moving folks from high-risk categories to low-risk categories,” said Karen Schmidt, MHealthy Project Senior Manager.

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