University of Michigan charges highest out-of-state tuition of U.S. public colleges

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It goes without saying that out-of-state college students are paying more in tuition per year than students choosing to attend school in their home state. But according to a recent news report, out-of-state University of Michigan students are not just paying more — they're paying the most.

U.S. News and World Report analyzed the non-resident tuition at public colleges and found that in 2012-13 U-M students paid the highest rate, at $39,109 of any public research university in the nation. That figure doesn't include room and board, which is an inevitability for out-of-state students.

In June the U-M Board of Regents voted to increase non-resident tuition 3.2 percent, bringing 2013-14 tuition to $40,492 for underclassmen and $43,230 for upperclassmen. Room and board costs $9,996.

University of Virginia placed as the second most expensive public school for non-residents, costing $38,018 in 2012-13; and University of California at Davis came in third, costing $36,755 for non-residents.

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