University of Miami Offers First Free Online Class to High School Students to Prepare for the SAT

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CORAL GABLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The University of Miami Global Academy (UMGA) announces the launch of the world’s first free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for high school students, beginning November 26.

“We are very excited that our wonderful online middle and high school has taken this important and innovative step”

MOOCs are gaining in popularity since being offered to college students at universities around the country several years ago as collaborative learning events. Offered free of charge, these MOOCs have helped college students from around the world learn new subjects in various subject areas and delivered college-level course information. The format opened a revolutionary new approach to education, with over 100,000 students enrolling in single courses. However, little has been done to provide this access to high school students seeking to learn via this exciting method until now.

The University of Miami recognized a need to help students prepare for college and through its online high school and middle school, and launched the first free MOOC targeted at this age group, which focuses on general biology, ecological and molecular topics in preparation for the SAT Subject Test in Biology.

“We are very excited that our wonderful online middle and high school has taken this important and innovative step,” said Rebecca Fox, Dean of the UM Division of Continuing and International Education. “We pride ourselves on making it possible for students to have an online experience that keeps them at the center of the learning process, and that is the principle that undergirds our new MOOC.”

“The online high school’s MOOC approach is unique in that students attending will experience live instruction two times a week and have access to online materials throughout the three-week period,” said Craig Wilson, Headmaster of the UM Global Academy.

During the live lectures, students will be able to interact with the biology teacher to ask questions. Additionally, live lectures will be recorded to allow students who missed the live sessions to view the lectures when it fits into their schedule.

To enroll for the SAT Subject Test preparation in biology, students can simply:


Sign up for the free course by selecting the “Register Now” button

The course lasts three weeks – November 26 to December 14

Plans are to run the class once a semester. Following the MOOC, students may enroll with the College Board to take the SAT entrance exam for college.