University Of Memphis Faculty Advances Same-Sex Benefits

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Motions supporting equal benefits for employees in same-sex partnerships passed handily with little discussion Tuesday afternoon in a meeting of the University of Memphis' Faculty Senate.

The first motion, encouraging the Tennessee Board of Regents staff to evaluate the advantages of a University of Tennessee-Knoxville Faculty Senate resolution asking family benefits to be extended to employees in same-sex partnerships, passed by a vote of 33-0.

Approved by a vote of 30-3 was a motion authorizing a five-member committee headed by Eddie Jacobs, Senate representative from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, to draft a resolution supporting benefits equality that would likely be reviewed by the Senate in February.

Passage of a resolution supporting same-sex benefits would not guarantee that it would become an official policy of the university. Approval is also required by the school administration and the TBR.

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