University Of Louisville President James Ramsey Criticizes Politicians For Cutting Higher Education Funding

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University of Louisville President James Ramsey criticized politicians who cut funding to higher education and said he was “confused by those who talk of education’s failures while espousing policies that fail to invest in education” during his state of the university speech Wednesday.

In the 24-minute speech, Ramsey outlined the school’s successes over the last year but also outlined failures, many of which he blamed on lack of funding as the state has pushed more of the burden of paying for college degrees onto the students who attend public universities.

He also criticized unnamed government officials for failing to fully fund the state’s Quality and Charity Care Trust, which pays for medical treatment of the indigent at University Hospital.

“As I stand before you today and look to the future, I am frustrated by the lack of public support for higher education; angry and disappointed with continued lack of contractual funding for the Quality and Charity Care Trust for those most in need in our community,” he said.

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