University of Louisiana to End Remedial Classes

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In an effort to boost admission standards at University of Louisiana, the university is no longer accepting students who need remedial classes. That means starting this fall, freshmen who need extra help must go to another college first.

University officials say enrollment numbers will drop but they are not worried.

"It'll be a change for us because up to now we've been able to take students who need one remedial course," said Carolyn Bruder, provost and vice president of Academic Affairs.

Fewer students means less tuition money coming in initially. They estimate about 600 to 800 fewer students will enroll. But officials say they aren't concerned about the effects long-term.

"You end up drawing the same numbers of students, but better-prepared students," Bruder said. "So we'll probably go through that same pattern of enrollment, decline and then increase. It happened in 2000 when we implemented admissions criteria."

The university expects to see a smaller incoming class, but thinks better-prepared students will benefit the university as a whole.

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