University Leaders Praise O'Malley's Proposed Budget

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The leaders of Maryland's university system say they're grateful that Gov. Martin O'Malley has proposed another increase in higher-education spending for 2012-2013 at a time when many states are slashing support for public universities.

University officials were in Annapolis on Wednesday to testify on behalf of the governor's proposed budget, which includes a 0.8 percent increase in operating funds and $215 million in capital projects for the state system.

As in previous years, O'Malley chose to "buy down" a systemwide tuition increase, adding $9 million to the budget to limit the increase to 3 percent for a third straight year. O'Malley froze tuition through most of his first term and has continued to keep tuition increases at a modest level compared to many other states.

"Compared to what some other states are suffering, it is nothing short of remarkable," Chancellor William E. Kirwan said in his remarks to the House of Delegates subcommittee on education and economic development.

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