University Leaders In Indiana Defend Tuition Hikes

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University leaders defended recent tuition hikes against tough questions from lawmakers Thursday, saying that said decreasing state funds and increasing costs left them little choice but to raises prices for their students.

Ball State University President Jo Ann Gora told the bipartisan State Budget Committee that the school will receive roughly $11 million in additional funding from tuition and fee increases passed this summer. But the university will still have less to spend because it suffered a $13 million cut in state funding.

“Tuition is going up because the state share of the cost is going down,” Gora said. But “scholarships and grants have increased at a faster rate than increased tuition.”

Ball State is among several of the state’s public colleges that raised tuition higher than the amounts recommended by the Commission for Higher Education, moves that rankled Republicans on the budget committee and prompted its chairman to order university leaders to explain their decisions.

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