University of Iowa Turns to PowerFlor to End Cable Mess

Tim Goral's picture

The University of Iowa has installed PowerFlor in one of its campus computer labs. The room was approximately 1,000 square feet with two entrance doors positioned at either end. The floor was equipped with 30 duplex power outlets on 4 circuits with 35 data ports.

“This project was an average installation for a university installation,” Jim Norton, President of Custom Products & Services, Inc. states. “Colleges and universities throughout the country are beginning to realize that PowerFlor represents a much more cost-effective and efficient cable management solution than hiring a contractor to dig up a cement floor and/or punch holes in walls and ceilings to run cables.”

PowerFlor is designed with colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in mind. Schools need multi-purpose rooms that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate a wide variety of applications. PowerFlor simplifies cable management requirements for schools.

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