University Of Iowa Employees Dispute School’s Claims In Liberal Bias Lawsuit

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Multiple employees of the University of Iowa during a federal trial today countered their employer’s claims that a job candidate suing for alleged liberal biases had stated in a presentation to law school faculty that she would refuse to teach analysis.

“She never said ‘I refuse to teach legal analysis, no. Not that I recall,” said Jon Carlson, a law professor and former associate dean of the law school. Carlson wrote an email noting concerns that the other faculty “despise” Wagner’s politics that has become a central piece of evidence in the case.

The case, which is being watched nationally, involved Teresa Wagner, a part-time staff member of the Iowa College of Law Writing Resource Center and an Iowa law graduate.  She was hired by the university in 2006 and later that year applied for a full-time legal writing instructor position.

Wagner didn’t get the full-time job or a different part-time teaching position despite what she and her attorney’s have said are qualification that far outshines other candidates who have worked in those positions in recent years.

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