University of Houston's Nike contract dwarfed by other major programs

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The University of Houston might be one of the nation's top tier universities, but when it comes to athletics โ€” specifically, how much the athletic department receives as part of its contract with Nike (NYSE: NKE) โ€” UH pales in comparison to many of the nation's top departments.

That was one of the findings of a recent investigation by the Portland Business Journal, which sought to compare the contracts the nation's top 125 athletic departments have with shoe giants Nike, Adidas and Under Armour (NYSE: UA). More than half the schools provided copies of their deals. PBJ published its findings in an online database.

While the UH athletic department receives an annual equipment and apparel allowance from Nike of $550,000, according to public records, The University of Texas has an annual allowance of $2,530,000, plus $1,425,000 in cash โ€” a package roughly seven times that of the University of Houston's.

Texas A&M University's deal with Adidas also dwarfs the Cougars' contract: The Aggies annually get $2.3 million in equipment and apparel, plus $1.42 million in cash.

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