University of Hawai'i Maui College Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto to retire

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Sakamoto has served in the UH System for 41 years and has been the chief executive officer of the Maui campus since 1991.

Sakamoto has also served as dean of instruction at the Maui campus and was executive director of Projects 2 and 4, which brought baccalaureate development to UH community colleges.

Sakamoto oversees a $10 million federal Rural Development Grant and has helped secure more than $13 million in rural development funds since 1997. He also helped secure a $3 million grant for the Native Hawaiian Scholarship Program, obtained and administered grants related to telecommunication infrastructure, gender equity, Hawaiian education and sustainable technologies.

Sakamoto has helped secure more than $147 million in extramural funds for UH Maui College since 1997.

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