University Of Hartford Plans Reductions, Changes

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Facing projections of declining enrollment, a sluggish economy and changes in higher education, the University of Hartford plans to streamline and cutback some programs.

The changes would mean "reallocation" of about $7 million of the university's $150 million operating budget. Programs under consideration for "divestment" enroll about 200 students and affect about 40 faculty members, the university said.

"We face both increased competition from other colleges and universities and increased financial need among our students," University of Hartford President Walter Harrison said in a message to students and staff. "In order to improve our competitive position and to meet our students' financial needs, we intend to reallocate our budget priorities by reducing the number of programs we offer and providing better support to our priority programs. This is not a budget reduction plan; it is budget neutral."

No students currently enrolled would be affected by the proposed changes, which must be approved by the school's board of regents and top administration.

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