University of Connecticut Speeds Operational 'Self Awareness' With BMC Software

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HOUSTON, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With over 21,000 students and 14 schools and colleges, the University of Connecticut (UConn) is one of America's top research universities. When UConn deployed a new financial solution and related software from the Kuali Foundation, it quickly discovered that the Kuali system's batch scheduling software was cumbersome to use and lacked important functionality.

Since the new system would be handling business critical services, such as payment requests, invoices and payroll, the university had to find a scheduling solution that could ensure these jobs would be completed on time.

After an exhaustive research and review process, UConn deployed the BMC Control-M Workload Automation suite of scheduling tools from BMC Software (Nasdaq:BMC) because of its familiarity with the robust capabilities of these products and high level of confidence that they could ensure reliable, on-time completion of jobs as well as the visibility the business users needed.

"We've used Control-M job scheduling solutions on our mainframe for more than 15 years," said Nancy Flynn, operating systems programmer/analyst for technical infrastructure at UConn. "Our job scheduling department is well versed in how they work, and the user community is aware of what Control-M can do on the mainframe. There was a big push to move onto Control-M."

Flynn added, "Moving from the mainframe to distributed systems and Linux meant we faced a learning curve, but the way Control-M is organized -- with templates, and multiple tabs, and a visual outline of each job -- makes the scheduling aspects simple and straightforward."

The Challenge

UConn needed a feature-rich scheduling solution that would ensure on-time completion of batch jobs associated with a new, mission-critical financial application.

The Solution

To obtain the capabilities needed for UConn's complex scheduling requirements and ensure that these requirements were met, UConn implemented the Control-M Workload Automation suite.


With BMC's Control-M products, UConn was able to:

Improve the efficiency of job creation and management

Simplify the development and customization of production schedules with templates that allowed easy modification

Prevent service disruptions by alerting administrators so they could intervene proactively to prevent delays or errors

Increase the reliability and security of file transfers

Remediate security vulnerabilities associated with scheduled database back-ups

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