University of Calif. System Looks At Campus Police Tactics In Wake Of Student Protests

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Brienna Holmes' introduction to the legal system came as she stood outside the administration building on the UC Davis campus during a day of protests against tuition hikes.

Before the protest ended, Holmes would find herself tossed onto the hood of a police car and arrested along with 50 other students as helicopters buzzed overhead, German shepherd police dogs barked and officers clad in riot gear marched students out of Mrak Hall.

That was Nov. 19, 2009, almost two years to the day before another crew of riot-clad UC Davis police officers pepper-sprayed protesting students in an incident that has spawned a national debate.

"They made a mistake once and they couldn't learn from it," said Holmes, who since has graduated and lives in Southern California. "Now the whole world has seen the events that have happened."

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