University to await effects of Supreme Court affirmative action ruling

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In light of the Supreme Court decision in late June to send the affirmative action case brought by the University of Texas back to the lower courts, NYU said that it will continue to take race into consideration when shaping the next student body as the university awaits the effects of the ruling.

A 7-1 vote among justices of the U.S. Supreme Court allowed affirmative action to stand, meaning that public universities can continue to use race to promote diversity in the admissions process as long as universities prove that no other reasonable alternatives will create a diverse student body.

But according to NYU spokesman Phil Lentz, because the court’s ruling will only apply to public universities, the ramifications for private universities like NYU are unpredictable.

“It is too early to know whether the Supreme Court decision will eventually impact admissions,” said Lentz. “However, NYU has no current plans to alter its admission process.”

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