Universities Report Better Grades After Admission Rules Change

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More freshmen at Iowa’s public universities are graduating from high school with higher grades and test scores and returning to college for a second year since a change in admissions standards was implemented two years ago, a state Board of Regents report shows.

The new standards, called the Regent Admission Index, have resulted in better-prepared students, while not driving Iowans, rural students and minorities away from the universities, according to the report, which will be presented to the board on Tuesday.

For 50 years, until the freshman class of fall 2009, Iowans needed only to rank in the top half of their graduating class and complete a minimum number of courses to gain admission to the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and University of Northern Iowa.

Admissions officials now weigh high school class rank, grades and coursework, in addition to standardized test scores, to determine who earns guaranteed admission to the state’s three universities.

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