Universities cater to a new demographic: Boomers

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During his years at the University of Virginia, Jerry Reid was, for the most part, a typical busy member of the Class of 2014. He worked hard in his classes, joined a fraternity, was a member of the debating society, played flag football, and cheered for school sports teams.

But in one significant way, Reid was far from typical:  He enrolled in college at the age of 66, receiving his bachelor’s degree this spring at 70. “I have become the man that I always wanted to be,” the triumphant new graduate told CBS News.

While few of his peers are likely to replicate Reid’s traditional college journey, a growing number of older Americans are arriving on campuses around the country. Their goal is not to turn back the clock but rather to get help navigating what is fast becoming one of life’s most significant transitions: moving from the hectic middle years into the lengthy new chapter that now precedes old age.

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