Univ. of Michigan Adds $14M In Green Initiatives

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University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman on Tuesday announced $14 million in environmental investments, which adds to the ongoing green campus expenditures that total more than $100 million.

The investments will be used to purchase 37 hybrid vehicles, including seven buses; install solar panel fields on North Campus; and in a first for the university, heat and cool the soon-to-be-open Weisfeld Family Golf Center with geothermal technology.

In other efforts, the university's largest school — the College of Literature, Science and the Arts — will offer an academic minor in sustainability. Dining halls built or renovated are expected to halt the use of trays to reduce waste. U-M also has launched a program, Planet Blue Ambassadors, to train students and staff to teach 80,000 members of the U-M community to save energy, and reuse, recycle and reduce waste.

"A great public university continually strives to make the world a better place," Coleman said. "To be a leader, we must be good citizens of the planet."

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