Univ Of Colorado Studies How Other Schools Deal With 4/20

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The University of Colorado, as it tries to find ways to end the annual and unsanctioned smoke-out on campus, has turned to other universities that are also plagued with large gatherings on 4/20.

And while CU officials and student leaders say there are lessons to be learned from how other schools handle 4/20 events, they also point out that CU has a distinctive set of challenges.

At the University of California-Santa Cruz, campus officials ban students in the dorms from housing overnight guests during the week of 4/20 -- a tactic to keep outside revelers from participating in a smoke-out. In past years, 7,000 people have flocked to a campus meadow to smoke pot on 4/20. Officials at UC-Santa Cruz have also closed off campus roads, set up tow-away zones and ticketed cars that get near the area where the unsanctioned event happens. They've also called for backup police enforcement from other UC campuses.

But CU-Boulder's event is unique: It's the largest gathering, according to Jeanne Krier, publisher of the Princeton Review. The college guidebook has consistently crowned CU-Boulder as one of its most pot-friendly schools.

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