Univ of Central Arkansas Hit By Tabletop Twister

Ann McClure's picture

The University of Central Arkansas and the City of Conway emergency personnel took part in an exercise to review the university’s emergency operations plans.

More than 70 UCA faculty, staff, and administrators participated in “Natural Disaster 2011,” a table top exercise designed to generate discussion among UCA officials and Conway fire and police about the university’s response to a natural disaster. Provisions under the federally mandated Clery Act requires the university to test its emergency response.

The UCA Police Department facilitated the exercise, which took place Nov. 30 at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center. 

The group was presented a scenario where a tornado struck the campus at night. The twister demolished the Pepsi Center, and New Hall and Stadium Park Apartments were severely damaged. Lewis Science Center had major structural damage.

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