United Educators launches Title IX Compliance Resource Center

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The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Education is strictly enforcing compliance with its 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter (DCL) on preventing and responding to campus sexual harassment and sexual assault. United Educators (UE) Insurance, a Reciprocal Risk Retention Group serving educational institutions, has compiled its comprehensive resources on this topic into a Title IX Advisory Toolkit, which is available from UE’s Title IX Compliance Resource Center. The toolkit clarifies the steps institutions should take to provide training to students and staff on preventing incidents and responding to allegations. Inadequate responses frequently lead to financial losses, negative publicity, and fines for noncompliance.

Student sexual assault in higher education is under intense media scrutiny, reflecting the concerns of students and parents. At UE, 75 percent of student sexual assault claims resulted in litigation. In more than 50 percent of claims, parents complained that the institution did not notify them about an assault, keep them informed of the institution’s response, react quickly enough to the report, or consider the impact of the accusation on them or their child. The DCL requires institutions to provide training to students, faculty, and staff to help prevent violations and to ensure timely, fair investigations.

"Compliance with the sexual harassment and sexual violence requirements of Title IX and the Clery Act is one of higher education’s most challenging issues because those requirements are complex, evolving, and inter-related," said Robb Jones, senior vice president and general counsel for claims management at United Educators. “Recent developments push all campuses to re-examine the interaction of Title IX and their student discipline process. They also encourage campuses to educate students about personal responsibility for their sexuality and safety, as well as how they might intervene to prevent lasting harm to their peers.”

UE's Title IX Advisory Toolkit features information about the DCL’s:

  • Scope and federal enforcement efforts
  • Requirements for a campus Title IX coordinator
  • Mandates for responding to and investigating student sexual harassment and assault
  • Emphasis on widespread training and prevention efforts

“We developed our Title IX Advisory Toolkit to help walk colleges and universities through meeting these requirements and developing or strengthening compliant policies and practices,” said Janice Abraham, president and CEO of United Educators. “I encourage all administrators, student affairs staff, and others working on Title IX compliance to visit the Title IX Compliance Resource Center and request this convenient ebook." The Title IX Compliance Resource Center includes tips for understanding and meeting the DCL’s key requirements, providing effective prevention and response training, and fairly investigating and resolving sexual assault cases.

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