Underage Undergrads Under A Watchful Eye

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The door is open and she’s standing in the light of the entryway. She is very pretty. Certainly he notices this.

When he gives her the signal, she steps up, smiles a nice smile, and hands him her ID.

It is the real driver’s license of a pretty 21-year-old girl, but the girl is not her. The doorman looks down at the ID closely and without looking up asks her for backup, which at Mary Ann’s means he wants to see her Boston College ID. As she reaches into her purse to get it, her posture shifts, ever so slightly, to a studied naturalness. It’s the tell that comes from trying to avoid a tell.

The doorman looks down at the IDs, then up at the girl, and now he gets nervous. He knows it’s not her. He takes a deep breath, puts the IDs in his right hand, and pushes them back toward the girl.

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