Under Plan, University of California Tuition Could Rise By 16% A Year

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The University of California would raise student tuition by at least 8 percent - or as much as 16 percent - every year through 2016 under a plan that UC leaders will propose to the regents Thursday in San Francisco.

Basic tuition could top $22,000 in just four years, not including other mandatory fees, books, room and board, if the regents adopt the idea at their November meeting as part of a multiyear budget plan. Undergraduate tuition is currently $12,192.

UC officials say the hikes will help cover $2.5 billion in additional funds the university needs to pay its bills and grow enrollment over the next four years.

"A bold new approach is necessary to save the university from an irreversible decline into mediocrity," Executive Vice President Nathan Brostrom and Vice President Patrick Lenz wrote in their proposal to the regents.

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