UNC Wilmington Expands Data Automation Using Nolij Transfer

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The University of North Carolina Wilmington first implemented the Nolij Transfer data integration solution on campus in 2007. Beginning in the Office of Admissions, the goal was to automate the loading of more than 10,000 applicant records into Banner, while increasing accuracy and eliminating duplicate records. The University realized immediate success and other departments such as Advancement began to take notice. The challenge in the Advancement Office was to create roughly 4,000 new parent records in Banner - related to the newly admitted freshman class - in a much more timely manner than had previously existed.

“Advancement continues to use Nolij Transfer to create parent records in Banner and to link to the student record from Admissions.” said Suzie Daughtridge, Director of Advancement Services and PMR. “We are able to reach out and connect with our new parents 4 months earlier than in previous years. My development staff is thrilled to say the least.”

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