UNC Leaders Ponder How To Handle Financial Aid

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The governing body of the University of North Carolina is reviewing the system's policy of setting aside a percentage of revenue for financial aid for needy students.

The board's current four-year tuition plan requires each campus to set aside at least 25 percent of all new revenue from campus initiated tuition hikes to cover the cost for lower-income students. On Thursday, UNC President Tom Ross offered a proposal to amend the plan to remove a minimum requirement and instead cap the set aside at 25 percent.

State financial aid was cut by the North Carolina Legislature last year, though some money was restored through lottery funds this year. And federal financial aid is in flux, Ross said, so a two-year temporary plan would allow campuses to have some stability in a changing landscape.

"If this isn't right, vote it down, and I'll be fine," Ross said of his proposed cap.

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