UF Administrators' Salaries Criticized, Defended

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Opponents of the University of Florida's proposed budget cuts have criticized Provost Joe Glover's $350,000 salary and the $50,000 raise he received in 2010, but a review of administrative salaries shows he's not alone in getting a significant raise in recent years.

Senior Vice President of Health Affairs David Guzick received a $28,000 raise in 2010, boosting his salary to $728,000. The move of Win Phillips from vice president for research to senior vice president and chief operating officer earned him a $20,000 raise, increasing his salary to $375,000 in fall 2011.

Chief Financial Officer Matt Fajack saw his pay rise $51,000 between 2009 and 2011, boosting his salary to $255,000. UF's president, four senior vice presidents and 10 vice presidents had a median salary of nearly $284,000 in fall 2011. Just one made less than the median for similar positions at doctoral universities surveyed by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, and another lacked a comparable position with which to make a comparison in that survey.

Fajack said administrative salaries at UF are a reflection of the university's complexity and a need to be competitive in keeping talented people.

"We're a $4.3 billion operation, and that's a very complex operation," he said. "It demands some of the best people, and you have to pay for it."

But UF faculty union president John Biro said the university should put the same focus on getting the best faculty. Increasing pay for administrators at a time when faculty pay has stagnated shows misplaced priorities, he said.

"I have no objection to a tide raising all boats," he said. "Raising your own boat only is not quite the same."

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