UCR Chancellor Announces Budget Cut Plan

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In the coming year, UC Riverside will lay off employees, decrease course offerings and increase class sizes to make up a $12.8 million gap between expenses and income. The cuts are the result of reductions in the recently passed state budget.

Chancellor Timothy White broadly outlined the plan Tuesday in a letter to campus personnel.

Officials said they don't yet know how many people might lose their jobs. Tenure-track professors -- assistant professors and above -- will be spared. White's letter said two-thirds of the cost cutting would come from administrative departments.

Officials did not know how many classes might be eliminated. As to the courses that are left, more students will be walking to them. The university's blue trolley service that transports students around campus and out to the Canyon Crest Town Center will be discontinued.

Athletic programs are being cut by 8.4 percent. Teams will travel less, officials said, and a vacant administrative assistant position will not be filled.

Psychology professor Mary Gauvain said having gone through the process several times already doesn't help.

"I think its actually getting harder," she said of the latest in an ongoing series of reductions in funding for the university system.

Gauvain, who is chairwoman of the school's Academic Senate, came to UCR 20 years ago. Then, she said, she had 20 to 25 students in her cognitive development class. In the past two years the number has been at least 100.

The campus has just over 20,000 students. Between 2007 and 2010, average class size rose from 54 to 66, a 22 percent jump.

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