UConn In Uproar Over Video That Jokes About Rape

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The University of Connecticut is in turmoil over a joking video that ran on a student-run television station portraying a young woman chased through the night by an apparent rapist.

The video, which was taken down by UCTV Tuesday, showed the woman frantically trying to use automated emergency phones on campus that malfunction with annoying recorded voices, one of which mistakes the word rape for grapes and directs her to a local supermarket.

A protest is planned for 8 p.m. tonight at UConn's Women's Center, on the fourth floor of the Student Union, where students are expected to discuss what action they might take. At last count, nearly 500 students on a Facebook page said they would attend.

Cindy Luo, a UConn student, wrote an op-ed in today's Courant that the video "perpetuates myths about the legitimacy of rape claims, denigrating those who have been subjected to sexual violence. There is nothing humorous or redeeming about the video."

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