UConn Students Protest 'Rape Culture'

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About 50 UConn students gathered outside the Student Union late Monday afternoon to protest the "rape video" produced by student-run UCTV and to call for an end to what they see as a climate on campus where sexual assault is tolerated and victims are blamed and ridiculed.

Speakers, both male and female, said the video, which has garnered national attention, was offensive and promoted "rape culture."

Jessica Diaz, a junior at UConn who is a teaching assistant in the Violence Against Women Prevention Program, addressed the crowd, shouting that they should "talk about acceptance, not just tolerance — this is something that can't be ignored any longer."

Colin Neary said he was glad that, for the "first time in my four years at UConn that we are finally doing something about rape," which Neary called a hate crime.

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