UConn Hires 75 Faculty Since July 1; Expected To Hire 120 More Next Year

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The University of Connecticut's faculty hiring plan is going "full speed" ahead, President Susan Herbst told the board of trustees Wednesday, with the hiring of 75 faculty since July 1 and plans to hire 120 more next year.

The expansion is under way despite an impending cut in the state's block grant for UConn expected to be about $16 million.

"It's very important that we protect the academic mission for students and faculty…" Herbst said, and proceed "full speed ahead with the faculty hiring plan as it's laid out … Building the research faculty and teaching faculty is really job one for us."

She said that though it may be difficult, budget cuts will be made elsewhere, she said, to ensure that the university keeps "moving forward on the academic, teaching side."

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