UConn denies women's charges in federal sex assault lawsuit

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In court papers filed Monday, the University of Connecticut denied some of the key allegations made by five women who filed a federal lawsuit last year charging that UConn mishandled allegations of rape and sexual assault.

The 38-page reply, filed in U.S. District Court Monday, says the university lacks "sufficient information to admit or deny" many of the allegations in the lawsuit. However, the university does deny some charges in the lawsuit, including allegations that UConn employees were informed of a rape and failed to do their jobs and allegations that UConn police officers made insensitive remarks and did not provide adequate information to victims.


The lawsuit contends that UConn failed to meet its legal obligations under Title IX in the treatment of plaintiffs who alleged that they were raped or sexually harassed while at UConn. Gloria Allred, the attorney for the plaintiffs, declined to comment on the university's response.

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