UConn To Clinton: Replace Your Dog Logo

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The University of Connecticut was clearly the top dog when it came to a run-in with Clinton's high school over the use of a husky logo.

Superintendent of Schools John F. Cross isn't exactly sure how long Morgan School has had a husky dog as its mascot, but he said it's been at least 25 or 30 years. Nor is he certain how long the school has depicted that mascot with logos that look a lot like UConn's trademarked husky head.

But last spring, Cross received what he said was a "shot over the bow" from UConn informing school officials that they needed to cease using their look-alike dog.

Michael Enright, UConn's associate athletic director for communications, said, "We're trying to work with them. We're not looking to shut them down or anything like that… We are protecting the state's intellectual property."

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