UCA Goes 'Front And Center'

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New marketing at the University of Central Arkansas will use the slogan “Front and Center” to rebrand the university and move away from the narrowly targeted slogan “You Belong” that is used to recruit freshmen students, spokesman Jeff Pitchford said.

“We want something a little bit wider than for just a 17 year old,” Pitchford said.

Officials hope to air new advertising using the phrase on TV stations, websites and print media by Oct. 29. Ads will feature UCA students who will tell their stories about how UCA has helped them achieve. The ads set to run this month are also meant to get a jump start on attracting the attention of high school students and their families, Pitchford said.

On Thursday afternoon, at least 20 UCA students gathered in room 111 at the College of Business to film one of the ads.

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