UC Riverside: The Other Budget Shoe Drops

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First came news in June that a lack of state funding has placed the accreditation for UC Riverside’s medical school on hold until 2013. The other shoe dropped Tuesday.

In a letter to campus staff, Chancellor Timothy White said the latest cuts will inflict “real pain on individuals” – in other words, layoffs. It’s unclear which, or how many, workers might lose their jobs.

In an effort to trim spending during the 2011-2012 fiscal year, White announced $12.8 million in cuts from individual campus units.

While the cuts will be made to both the academic and the administrative support operations of the campus, nearly two-thirds of the burden will be taken by the administrative support units.

Some departments are losing up to 9 percent of state funding.

Business operations, which manages human resources, technology services, transportation and accounting will be among the hardest hit.

Campus police and core faculty will go largely unscathed. The university will also spare employee retirement funds and financial aid to students who need it.

Overall, the UC system is facing a $1 billion gap for the 2011-2012 budget year, which translates to approximately $46 million for UCR.

Chancellor White says the cuts would’ve been deeper if the UC Board of Regents hadn’t raised tuition rates this month by nearly 10 percent, on top of an 8 percent increase it imposed last year.

Undergraduate and graduate tuition for California residents will jump to $12,192 a year, which doesn't include room, board and about $1,000 in campus fees. That's $1,890, or 18 percent, more than the amount UC students paid in the previous academic year and more than three times what they paid a decade ago.

About one-third of the estimated $216 million in new tuition revenue will be used for financial aid. Out-of-state and international students will pay about $36,000 in annual tuition.

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