UC Education Now Costs More Than A Sacramento Home

Sharon Rieger's picture

As California's college students prepare to start classes again at University of California campuses, the sticker shock from fees and living expenses is likely fresh on their minds.

How rough is it? Well, thanks to rising fees and falling home prices, parents can now get a typical house in Sacramento for less than the cost of a UC education for their children.

The median home price in the city of Sacramento is about now about $150,000, according to tracking firm Zillow.com. The estimated cost of five years at a University of California college for new students who live on campus is about $154,000 - and that's assuming fees don't continue to rise.

A UC education is still a great investment, as this tool shows. The open question is whether all qualified students and their parents will continue to be willing and able to pay the up-front costs.

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