UC Davis Students Give Classmates A Hand Up

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Sometimes students just need a bunch of money. Fast.

Their roommate moved out suddenly, and they got stuck with the rent bill. Their parents paid for tuition - until learning their son or daughter was gay. Or switched majors. Maybe their car was impounded. Their laptop was stolen. Or their textbook costs nearly $200.

All are real examples from UC Davis. But until now, the only solution besides mooching off friends or family has been a no-interest university loan to be repaid within 30 days.

Now undergraduates can get free cash from a new emergency fund created by a group of philanthropic-minded UC Davis students who hope to raise at least $25,000 this year. Donations to the grant program topped $6,000 in the first week alone from a bike-a-thon, a bake sale and just holding out the hat.

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