UA's Bobbitt: Traditional University Model Out of Date

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New University of Arkansas System President Don Bobbitt promised a proactive administration on Tuesday, telling Little Rock Rotarians that the traditional agrarian calendar, lecture system and tuition models used by most institutions of higher learning are out of date.

Bobbitt suggested that changes are necessary in the way U.S. colleges and universities do business if the country intends to remain a world leader.

"We're operating under the same university structure as Oxford and Cambridge did 1,000 years ago," he said. "We haven't changed much since then. Is that structure really appropriate today?"

Bobbitt said technology may provide a vehicle to solve some of the problems facing higher education today. In America, one of those problems is educating the workforce, he said, and making higher education more available online could help. 

"We can't afford to lose in this endeavor because society needs an educated workforce," he said.

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