U Of Wisconsin Supervisor Made 5,211Visits To Nonwork-Related Websites

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A University of Washington fire-alarm-control supervisor made 5,211 visits to nonwork-related websites during a 16-month period, a state auditor's report has found.

According to the report, the employee made visits to sports, fantasy-football, animal-rescue, social-networking and video websites and a personal email account during a 16-month period in 2010 and 2011. The employee made 30 visits a day to nonwork-related sites on at least 50 separate dates, and 192 visits to nonwork-related sites in a single day.

During an overlapping 13-month time period, the Auditor's Office found that the employee was paid 916 hours of overtime, or about 3.3 hours of overtime a day.

But university officials say they do not believe the employee was racking up overtime while surfing the Web.

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