U Of Wisconsin Pay Raises Needed, System President Says - But When?

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The University of Wisconsin System is only as good as its people, but it would be premature - and possibly counterproductive - to speculate about when raises could be approved for employees whose paychecks have taken a hit in recent years, UW System President Kevin Reilly said Friday.

Faculty salaries at UW campuses have fallen more than 18% below the national average, Reilly told the UW System Board of Regents. The last faculty-wide raise - 1% in 2008 - was followed by unpaid furloughs and a state mandate that most state employees contribute more of their pay toward benefits.

"We need to restore morale and confidence among faculty and staff that when they work hard on behalf of their students, and the people of Wisconsin and the world, their work will be recognized and rewarded," Reilly said.

With the state economy showing signs of improvement, it's time to address the widening pay gap between UW employees and their peers at other institutions, Reilly said.

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