U Of Washington Students Give Regents An Earful On Tuition Woes

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About 100 University of Washington students described how they struggle to pay the ever-escalating tuition and fees โ€” taking on two jobs to pay the bills and sweating when the rent comes due โ€” during a public forum Wednesday before the school's Board of Regents.

And while many of the students acknowledged the regents have little choice but to raise tuition because of the sharp cutbacks in state funding, others called for the university to take a harder look at administrative salaries and student fees.

Gabriela Guillen said that student research into the UW budget had found more than 150 non-faculty positions in which the salary is more than $165,000 a year โ€” about what Gov. Chris Gregoire makes.

"This is a public university, not a business," Guillen, a sociology major, said to a burst of applause.

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