U Of Washington Grad Students Want Fewer Fee-Based Programs, Tuition Rollback

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When she decided to become a children's librarian, Lauren Kreutzer expected to pay about $26,000 for the master's degree she'd need to get a job at a public library.

But between the time she accepted a position in the University of Washington's Information School in spring 2011 and when she started classes in the fall, the cost of the two-year degree went up by $15,000 — a 58 percent increase.

The UW had turned the master in information and library science into a program that had to pay for itself, with no state support — one of 16 graduate programs that have been switched to a fee-based model in recent years.

"A major motivation for me to attend the iSchool was the in-state tuition, which was destroyed with this increase," said the 27-year-old Kreutzer, who expects to graduate with about $62,000 in student loans to pay her graduate-school tuition and living expenses.

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