U. Of Utah’s Chuck Wight Selected To Lead Weber State

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The Utah State Board of Regents has selected a respected University of Utah administrator and scientist to succeed the retiring F. Ann Millner as president of Weber State University.

Charles Wight, a long-time chemistry professor, has served as the U.’s associate vice president for academic affairs and dean of the graduate school since 2006, earning a reputation as a warm teacher and gifted researcher.

"It is my honor, pleasure and pure delight to be named the 12th president of Weber State University," Wight told 300 people gathered at the Shepherd Union, where the Regents announced their decision on the Odgen campus. "The university is committed to do its part to contribute to the state’s goal of 66 percent college participation by 2020. We will map out a role. There are lots of things you can to contribute to student success. Technology is one effective tool we’ll be using."

Wight, who goes by Chuck, is a father of three and his youngest daughter is expected to graduate soon from Utah State University. Wight was among 50 candidates who emerged in a national search and one of four finalists selected by the search committee.

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