U Of Texas Regents Consider Strategies, Priorities In Campus Pitches For Bond Money

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One by one, leaders of the nine academic and health campuses in the University of Texas System made their pitches for so-called tuition revenue bonds to the Board of Regents today.

The Legislature makes the call on such bonds, which pay for construction and renovation projects. But the regents have the authority to decide which projects will be considered by the Legislature in the first place.

Or at least that’s how it’s working this legislative session. In the past, the regents didn’t exert such control, leaving the matter up to their staff and to the campuses. And although some campuses, like UT-Austin and UT-San Antonio, had initially asked the Legislature to fund more than one project, the regents have insisted that the list be pared down.

Two moments stood out from the regents’ meeting at Ashbel Smith Hall in downtown Austin.

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