U of Oregon Faculty Express Anger at Higher Ed Board

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At a special meeting of the University of Oregon faculty Wednesday, the State Board of Higher Education and Chancellor George Pernstiener were blasted for firing U of O president Richard Lariviere. As KLCC's Rachael McDonald reports, Lariviere got a standing ovation from about one thousand faculty and students when he walked into Mac Court.


Sounding choked up, Lariviere spoke very briefly before the statutory faculty assembly, transferring his authority to Professor Robert Kyr, head of the U of O Senate.

Lariviere: "And to say thank you, I love you, thank you."

Larivere left Mac Court, to more cheers and applause.
Then, Chancellor George Pernsteiner and board member Lynda Ciuffetti got an earful from professors and students.

Robert Melnick: "Good afternoon, I'm Robert Melnick, Professor of Landscape Architecture and in my 30th year at the University of Oregon. Like others throughout the U of O Community, and I mean the international community, I have been sickened and stabbed in the back by your actions. You have sent the message that innovation, creativity and excellence in higher education are really not welcome in the state of Oregon."

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