U of North Dakota Says Impact Of Research Grew In FY11

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The economic impact of UND research continues to grow, according to a new university report. That’s in spite of a sluggish national economy and a tough fiscal environment in Washington that’s led to less spending on research.

In fiscal year 2011, the university’s research had a $175.5 million economic impact in Grand Forks County. Adjusted for inflation, that’s 6.1 percent more than in fiscal year 2010 and 33 percent more than in fiscal year 2006.

In Grand Forks County, 1,608 jobs, including 990 at the university, are attributable to UND research. That’s up 10 percent since 2010 and 31.2 percent since 2006.

The state and local governments collected $3.3 million in taxes in the county in 2011, up 6.1 percent since 2010 and 15.5 percent since 2006.

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