U of Missouri Curators Wary Of Proposed Tuition Increase

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University of Missouri curators want to see more spending cuts in non-academic programs before they agree to increase tuition at the system's four campuses.

The seven remaining members of the 9-person governing board responded coolly Thursday to a proposed 7.5 percent tuition increase for Missouri residents attending the Columbia campus. The suggested increases are even higher at the St. Louis (8.2 percent) and Rolla (9 percent) campuses. The Kansas City campus would see a 3 percent increase.

But they also realize that administrators may have little choice given Gov. Jay Nixon's call for a 12.5 percent cut in state funding for higher education. That would create a $50 million hole in the system's budget and reduce the university's share of state money to its lowest levels since 1995, provided lawmakers agree with the governor's recommendation. During that same time, campus enrollment grew by more than 50 percent.

"It's hard to digest," said curator Warren Erdman. "It's hard to accept."

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